Russian Caviar Vs American Caviar

Russian caviar vs American caviar

When you think about caviar the first country you imagine is Russia. Why is it so? Because Caspian Sea is in Russia. And for a long time a caviar from Caspian fish spices considered to be the best and the priciest one. Thus should you buy only Russian Caviar? It is the matter of taste really. It is up to you what to choose. Let`s just see what is American caviar and what is Russian caviar.

Russian caviar is used to be one of the most valuable natural delicacies in the world. And it is still so. The “Black Gold”of Russia was the royal delight only and even today only rich people may afford true and natural Russian Caviar. This type of food is always associated with gastronomical delight and enjoyment. Well, what caviar we could actually call Russian? You will be surprised to know that only 10% of that roe is really made in Russia. How can it be so? The amount of wild Sturgeon is quite low. Only a few of the Caspian Caviar brands are legally supplied from the wild catch and are sold with incredible price tags.

The most number of the marketed caviar is actually harvested from the farmed fish in different countries of the world like Israel, France, Germany, USA, Italy, etc. It is called Russian because specimen take fingerlings from Caspian Sea and bring them at their aqua-farms to grow. One more reason to call it Russian is for the way of curing – Malossol. This term means “little salt”. Such type of curing was invented long time ago in Russia. Only a few minutes in the warm brine and the precious caviar is ready.

There are several kinds of Russian black caviar on modern market:

The most expensive kind of the Russian caviar is the Russian Beluga caviar. Beluga was extremely overfished in past and now it has almost extinguished. The other reasons of its scarcity are poaching and water pollution.

Nowadays there is also an official ban on import of the Caspian sea caviar. In such case the main alternative is caviar from farmed fish (for ex. at Marky’s). But it has to grow at least 10 years to be ready to produce roe. Russian Beluga caviar has big pearlescent beads with the most delicate and subtle taste that makes the gourmet lose their mind.

Other popular type is the Russian Osetra. It has a perfect balance of the taste, the size, and the price.

Some people say that this Royal delight will cost you a fortune but the price will be compensated by the amazing sea taste, tender texture and luxurious appearance. Kaluga fish is very similar to Beluga but just a little bit smaller and sometimes called the ‘river Beluga’.

Kaluga and all of its types have the flavor and texture very close to the Russian Beluga caviar. Very gentle and flavorful with the inherent nuttiness and butteriness, these big pearlescent beads will make your dinner unforgettable.

Sevruga roe is smaller but it is still ane of the most flavorful caviar in the Sturgeon family. The small pearlescent black beads conceal a briny juice with a complex sea flavor that makes the connoisseurs’ taste buds tremble in expectancy of the highest delight of enjoying the nutty and buttery flavor.

And now let`s look at American caviar variety. Its main difference is its price. It does not mean that it is cheap. It is just more affordable. American fish roe can be divided according to its origin. It can be farmed and wild.

The farmed American caviar has a perfect quality because it is harvested from first rate fish. Special aqua-farms in the USA use only modern technologies and new scientific researches to raise their fish. Thus the farmed fish eggs are as good as the ones harvested from the wildlife fish. It’s also because all the fish originate from the best fingerlings in the world. Farmed fish live in large ponds filled with constantly filtered and aerated water.

They have a balanced diet which is elaborated for each species individually by the high-grade professionals of the aquafarm and substantially supersedes their usual diet in the wild nature. Aqua-farms are mostly situated in Florida and California and now a special term Florida caviar appeared. So the black caviar USA is getting more and more popular not only in the States but also abroad.

Nevertheless the American caviar from the wild catch still prevails comparing to the farmed one in volume. But it mostly so-called “red caviar USA”: Alaska Salmon Roe, Salmon Roe Keta, Pink Trout Roe. It is harvested from the lakes on the north of the USA and in Alaska.

There is also the Hackleback, Paddlefish, White Sturgeon, and Bowfin caviar. It is harvested from the wild fish that is caught in the American lakes and rivers.

They are not expensive and are great for parties or everyday meals. The deep black color and glossy appearance of these small beads make them look incredible and the rich taste will pamper your taste buds.